Delivering Services With Latest IT-enabled Capabilities

Your firm may grow to new heights because of the stability and scalability of our top-notch IT infrastructure. We manage our infrastructure using cloud technology to keep abreast with your needs, and our offices are roomy (6300 square feet).


Our team is made up of highly qualified IT professionals and developers who understand how to create scalable, secure, and dependable infrastructure. We've worked with a variety of business and industry kinds for years, so we understand what you need. We have a network of more than 80 highly qualified professionals supporting us. 


These experts come from various industries, including software and prototype development, information security professionals, Digital resources Testors, cyber-security experts, networking and data communications, smartphone application development, e-commerce resource development, etc. Our infrastructure is equipped with a strong security system to guarantee information confidentiality as well as the capability of cloud computing.


Our conference and meeting spaces are roomy and equipped with high-speed wireless internet. Additionally, workers can enjoy themselves during their downtime in gaming areas. In reality, our devoted and highly qualified support team continually works to upgrade the equipment, plus having a separate data center with top-notch security enables us to safeguard our clients' private information and complete successful projects.

Our office space is sufficiently furnished with the most contemporary amenities, sitting areas, and accessibility to create a comfortable, joyful work environment for our consultants. This is done to try to add value to your business. We have autonomous departments that are divided into categories depending on the technologies and services we provide, yet they are placed close to one another to allow for smooth interdepartmental collaboration. Our canteen, meeting spaces, conference spaces, and indoor sports facility are all well-proportioned and perfectly suited to our consultants' needs. We have a safe server room that is individually controlled and subject to strict security measures.


  • 6300 Sq. Feet Work Space IT company workspace
  • Server Model Work Station Server model station work
    Solar Energy System Solar energy system at workplace
Hardware for Desktops

Highly configured processors

Hardware for desktops

IPhone, iPad, All Android Devices, Blackberry, Windows, Wi-Fi Based secured network

Secured devices
Communication Tools

Skype, Gtalk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Go to Meeting, Team Viewer, Cisco WebX, LogMein Projector Based Conferencing

Projector based conferencing

Sonic Wall as firewall with pre-installed Gateway anti-virus.


IBM High-end cluster servers & IBM Storage. Dedicated cloud based demo servers for application demonstration

High end cluster servers
Add Value to Your Business

We are ready to explore the limits that modernize the digital business and drives high performance that explore the biggest technological frontier.

Secure workplace

Secure workplace with 24/7 power availability and CCTV surveillance

Servers and firewalls

All workstations & Servers behind the firewall

Malware and virus protection

High-end Malware and Virus protection

Project management

Project management system to administer workflow.

NagiOS servers

NagiOS to monitor servers and applications

Cloud based servers

Cloud-based demo server for application demonstration as per project requirement

Data backup recovery system

Regular data backup recovery system

Cluster environment

Cluster environment with multiple servers working simultaneously

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